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Patriotic Prose Poems

These Patriotic Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Patriotic. These are the best examples of Prose Patriotic poems written by international poets.

I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha
I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha...
of new year's eve,
yet yours truly does consider
at least one singular plum me facet by Jeeve
er...Robert (or Rabbie)...

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Categories: prose, assonance, august, farewell, january,

A Soldier's Story
Where the beast of the battle, there awaits
      And death there to confront.
Their devotion so profound.

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Categories: endurance, fate, freedom, life,

A Beleauged of Their Own
A tale of two twins ...

Kit:	That sure was a mean swing, Dottie. You knocked it out of the park. You’re the Sultana of Swat. I...

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Categories: prose, baseball, political, satire, word

Huge Dreaming Body
Huge Dreaming Body 			

This huge dreaming body, spanning two
continents, clothed in rags of prairie grasses, 
cloaked in folded ranges, chained in mega malls,
this huge body...

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, anxiety, dream,

Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Behind the pomp and circumstance
The celebrations and parades
Remember those who battled
The platoons and the brigades
Take some time to think now
Of the freedoms we possess

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Categories: prose, america, community, inspiration, memorial,


There are people who believe others should not have as much as they.
Regrettably, they are many of the same people who...

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Categories: change, patriotic, social,

When nighttime comes                      ...

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Categories: angst, blessing, christian, courage,

Premium Member Burning Logs
Each flame 
elegantly weaves in waves
flowing up from resources red cinder hot,
similar in warm color
temperature decrees
of beauty as integrity's truth
trust each surrounding flame.

Each flame 

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Categories: prose, caregiving, community, creation, health,

Premium Member Red and TrueBlue Family--3
Dearest Brother Jerry.

Regarding our current government,
This has been a nation of laws
Based on recognizing the Creator God
Has given its citizens, that support its laws,
Basic freedoms,...

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Categories: prose, america, christian, creation, patriotic,

Some Gave All
Some gave eyes, arms and legs,
all predestined by their fate.
Some gave up dreams, their youth,
and women who wouldn’t wait.
Some lost it all,...

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Categories: appreciation, dedication, military, patriotic,

Premium Member Political Short-Circuits
A problem with fundamentalist short-circuits
is their Left-dominant tendencies
over RightBrain polypathic-polyphonic resonant feelings.

Fundamentalism shrinks Left-RightBrain Both-And
WinWin ecopolitical thinking,

For example,
imagine your nationalistic domestic policies
to pit those who...

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Categories: prose, culture, earth, health, humanity,

'Can You See'
You relish the polished white rice,
But how many farmers' deaths behind it lies.
You relish the freedom on our streets,
But how many soldiers sacrifice their lives...

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Categories: prose, farm, health, patriotic, political,

My Promise, My Nation
The sky was lit by blinding light
But, not sunlight
The panorama was painted with darting pellets
But, not of rain rivulets
The ground quivering under flitting feet
But, not...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, care, career, military,

America's Great Documents, Part 2

1.  The Magna Carta  1215

This was a British Document which also governed the colonies before we became an independent nation.  I found...

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Categories: america, bible, christian, education,

Who is the real threat to America?
The Mexicans? The illegal immigrants? The Muslims?
Or the Manchurian Candidate in the White House?

Anybody who has ears to hear...

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Categories: angst, freedom, future, patriotic,

Premium Member US Survey of Intentions
I received one of these in the mail today,
and would like to know if you got one too:

Please see enclosed survey for all current and...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, corruption, humor, patriotic,

The Blacksmith
     The Medieval vampire Blacksmith worked into the night
     Printing counterfeit money.

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Categories: patriotic, political,

A lone eagle flies toward the storm
His conscience crashing in his head
Loud enough to suppress the discord of
His country in turmoil

He knows not half of...

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Categories: freedom, patriotic, perspective, political,

Premium Member JetBlack God of Earth's History
I might best not say why,
yet I finally admit,
Taoist me imagines Yang as a JetBlack God,
Creator of this Universe
and, therefore, also ProGenerator of Anthros
with YinGoddess...

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Categories: prose, beauty, health, muse, music,

When you have a gun and they don’t 
Takes a certain kind of cowardice
A certain type of racism only prevalent in racist countries

We, as citizens,...

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Categories: america, patriotic, racism, society,