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Mountains Prose Poems

These Mountains Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Mountains. These are the best examples of Prose Mountains poems written by international poets.

A car rolls into a soundless night,
It's light sends a bursting view of overhanging growth,
In a microcosm succession of descending seconds,
Pruned for a snapshot temporal...

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Categories: prose, analogy, creation, earth, future,

Premium Member Cottage by river
Cottage by whistling river beautiful, cozy and warm 
Wreathed by Mother Earth in her seasons’ natural charm 
Drenched in rain or covered in blanket of...

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Categories: prose, nature, river,

Premium Member Winter Sihouette Skies

In the winter twilight
of the meandering drive,
silhouettes of dark clouds
patchwork the cerulean sky
with weird images of animate
and inanimate things:
animals, buildings, ships,
celestial mountains
rising above a terrestrial...

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Categories: prose, beauty, imagery, joy, memory,

From Angels jump shrapnel,
The wise men of the time gathers them,
Then they hide them at the top of the plopar,
Or on the root of the...

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Categories: prose, allegory, metaphor, poetry, poets,

Premium Member The 1940's and 50's Movie, Radio and More
Don Winslow of the Navy at the movies...…., the Lone Ranger, and the shadow, on the radio. Three of my favorite pastimes in Wilmington NC,...

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Categories: truth, world war ii,

Premium Member Thoughts on My Mindfulness
Mindfulness. . . what know I of mindfulness?
My mind is full of many things,
but unfortunately for me, that is not the meaning of mindfulness!

So, am...

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Categories: philosophy,

Premium Member GOOD PURPOSE
Looking back at the past to long
Blinds the future. 
Concentrate our strength 
Bundle-up our individual thoughts.
Use your God-mind, we are stronger together.
Unity moves mountains.

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Categories: prose, future, humanity, mountains, moving

A Poem In Which Nothing Is True
The Messiah you see painted on the ceilings of your churches and on the floors of the convenience stores on the corner are me--I know...

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Categories: prose, 11th grade, analogy, religion,

Love Came Searching
Man is mortal, a mere worm,
A mist that appears quickly then vanish.
Like a flower that flourishes,
And very soon its beauty withers,
Then its place remembers it...

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Categories: christian, god, life, love,

The Symphony
The Symphony

The mountains cried, “Praise to the Lord”! 
And the birds and beasts sang His praises.  

The firmament rose up to praise His name,...

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Categories: prose, bible, nature,

Time To Shower When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid
Time To Shower...When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid

Doth strongly waft, sting,
and nauseate about me
olfactory nose flying zone
bombarding cilia of
nasal passageway analogous
to displeasure wrought by

crashing, deafening,...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, dad, father, health,


I climbed to the highest mountains
and swam across the seas,
thinking what's the universe,
this earth in it, 
and us, little brave creatures.
Wisdom I searched for,
not to...

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Categories: prose, wisdom,

Translating Gaias Heartbeat
Grow me some gourds and I will carve my drum and bead my shakers; mimicking Gaia’s heartbeat, 
I will envision a new world.

A cedar and...

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Categories: earth, environment, imagery, music,

Premium Member Lunch With Bobby
My dad died in the mountains when I was six.
First words out of his mouth, a new boy, unknown to me.
How old are you now?...

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Categories: prose, child, life,

Dragons Dont Die
Dragons may live forever;
At least it’s what legends say;
But, we who love them
Know that they just go away;
To live with other old ones.

In senior colonies,

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Categories: animal, metaphor, myth,

Premium Member FAITH
Faith, The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

How is your faith, will it hold up under life's weight or would...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beautiful, christian, confidence,

Premium Member Our Lord Is Coming Back

You search to find new meaning
to who and what you are.
You travel to gain knowledge
from a distant star.
You go to the...

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Categories: prose, best friend, blessing, christian,

Premium Member Nightingale - Part III

She flew back to her nest that she so carefully tended and loved,
the angel close behind her.
“Why do you stay,” he said angrily.
“I have given...

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Categories: prose, fantasy,

Premium Member The Mighty Horse

God has not forgotten you, Mighty Horse.
At one time you ran through canyons,
and green meadows
never before seen by men.
You were as free as the icy...

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Categories: prose, beauty, blessing, courage, happiness,

Three Newest Pieces By Mario Vitale
Dark Gothic Heart, A Valiant Knight & The inner harmony tuned to its hidden beasts menagerie 

Dark Gothic Heart

I look to the sea
viral implications take...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, art,