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Light Prose Poems

These Light Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Light. These are the best examples of Prose Light poems written by international poets.

Rainy Love

How will I describe your beauty with rainy season?
You are lovely,lovelyest and moderate like county family
I can't describe you-you are beyond description 

You are like...

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Categories: prose, allegory, beauty, emotions, lost

Epiphany of Doom
She was falling into the black hole

Slowly at first, then fast

Arms as black as coal

They were cold and sharp

Pierced her with all the hate they...

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Categories: prose, death, dream,

Premium Member A Visit to a Mountain River
Summer is here with its extended day light
Mountains are giving up on their accumulated stock of snow piles
The river is gushing with vigor carrying fresh...

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Categories: prose, animal, bird, inspiration, nature,

Premium Member Canada Geese
Visited the lake today with my ever ready walking pal
Saw gatherings of floating geese savoring early morning joy 
With eminent elegant black necks and heads...

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Categories: prose, animal, appreciation, bird, community,

llok around up and down
town town
world wide
every side
there 's no black or white
skin is just light
so many differ corlor
we're all sister brothers
in the lords eyes

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Categories: prose, adventure,

Cutting the Surfaces
Rain gushes through the trees.
I see the wind make horizontal 
waves. Near where I stand, little 

seas have formed, that drown the 
green and brown...

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Categories: prose, allusion, anger, angst, anxiety,


A train door closes packed with passengers.

Destinations being most different than others.

Typical light touches, embarrassing rubbing,
Lastly, the ever so bothersome nudging.

Unfinished conversations, from platform
Carries on...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

The Mirage
"Here there was a Light" I said hopefully.
"But is out, man! You can see for yourself
 it's definitely out....

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Categories: confidence, depression, hope,

Premium Member Back in the day
Back in the day
Women had to sew their own dresses
And also some of their own men's clothing
patch up their britches all day long
it really was...

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Categories: analogy,

Wasted Pain
Crops cannot survive without some rain,                   ...

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Categories: prose, health, pain,

I lost
She is mighty.
Brave, powerful and one of a kind.
She is every thought that flows my lonely mind.
I, a stone that resides,
deep within her heart.

It is...

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Categories: 11th grade, love,

Premium Member O' That Our Sad And Vain Glories Wouldst Suffice
O' That Our Sad And Vain Glories Wouldst Suffice

O' that our sad and vain glories wouldst suffice
to soothe our nightmare moods, their poisoned queries
angry shadows...

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Categories: art, deep, growth, humanity,

Seemingly you
Someone always has an opinion 
about something , seemingly you  but 
dont let that speak for me 
for when no one believed in me...

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Categories: prose, character,

Premium Member AND THE WINNER IS
     We present ourselves to perform this day,
As a faceless crowd grace our seats of fame,
Let us share the joy and...

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Categories: prose, analogy, art, character, emotions,

Premium Member VIRTUE AND VICE
Nature does not recognize the power in all things, but humanity does, as it is only a human virtue, so is vice. Both are attributes...

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Categories: analogy, christian, conflict, judgement,

Premium Member A Remembrance of the Doors in 72

The year was ‘72; Morrison had died,
yet I felt little sorrow, for when he was in his prime,
I was a pre-teen junkie for bubble-gum rock

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Categories: song,

The electrician on the Starship
The Electrician......

on the starship Enterprise
the lights have gone all dim
captain Kirk decided to 
get an electrician in

the electrician's name was Bodger
he was fully qualified
what Captain...

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Categories: prose, fun, funny, science fiction,

this is your life
things don't feel right
so your see day light
its its not appeelling

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Categories: prose, cheer up,

Snow and Paintings
Snow and Paintings              

The snow began to fall
late yesterday afternoon
first the big...

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Categories: prose, ocean, water,

Premium Member It must be prose
If it's not a poem, it must be prose --
  Quoth Gertrude Stein: A rose is a rose is a rose...

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Categories: prose, flower, poetry, words,