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International Prose Poems

These International Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about International. These are the best examples of Prose International poems written by international poets.

We the people, of the United States of America, choose to live in harmony.

As respectful citizens under the protection of our laws,

That we, the people,...

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Categories: america, analogy, conflict, education,

Premium Member Letter to a New Poet
Dear Aspiring Poet,
   My name is Gershon Wolf.  I am a member of this wonderful club called "Poetry Soup."  Here are...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets,

Premium Member Stranger Than Fiction PART 4
I  continued down the driveway and then came to a stop, damn, I thought I’ve come down the wrong driveway it must be further...

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Categories: death, religious, world war

Premium Member Notes From Another Poem Bodering On Today
Notes From Another Poem Bordering On Today

“I cannot cry for the children
of others—
the deaths of my own have drained dry
the wells of my eyes—
red orbs...

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, analogy, children,

She walks in the green fields in Wales
with a basket in her hands
She is picking jasmines flowers
and singing her favorite song as loud as she...

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Categories: prose, beauty, devotion, romance, solitude,

International Digestion
I’m in bed with my eyes closed and I hear a loud scary sound so I open my eyes, sit up, and look around the...

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Categories: prose, fantasy, food, humorous, philosophy,

Dream Series: The Film Festival
In my dream I'd gone to the international film festival not wearing any pants. That part was okay because it was nice weather. But there...

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Categories: prose, body, dream, loss, lost

They came from all over - Manchester, Derby
and. Connemara - icons, O'Toole, Bates and Finney,
who would believe the power of future stars,
although they spent their...

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Categories: inspirational, international, magic, stars,

I wrote a book - young man's adventures in Africa,
it was a hoot - I could have just stayed in my home town,
once you start...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, inspiration, international,

Premium Member If We Were Gods
If we were Earth gods and goddesses,
with powers to create anything we prefer
for our healthiest wealth attainment,
would we settle for living in a swamp
created by...

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Categories: prose, creation, education, health, humor,

No house built on a bridge, Part one

At a mosque at Fatahpur, India, --- what was the capital city of the
Mughal Empire, --- Akbar (r. 1556 - 1505), the third emperor of...

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Categories: prose, philosophy,

Eight Men Who Are Doing Quite Well
A notice appeared in the paper recently with the names and faces of eight men who have a combined wealth of $426 billion. According to...

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Categories: money,

Premium Member Radically Conservative Revolutions
Radical conservatives are cooperatively embracing a culture war.
Our battlefield is our ecologically evolving brain.

At stake is what Earth and Earth's hosted tribes become.
Our cooperative vocation...

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Categories: prose, body, bullying, creation, culture,

Premium Member Pronoia Happiness Finals
Brezsny in quotes:

"Bestow a blessing on a person you've considered to be beneath you
or alien to you."

Donald, may your future communications involve both deeper listening

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Categories: prose, blessing, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member Please UnCorrect Me
Please correct me if I do not accurately speak for you,
I would not misrepresent your fellow readers
and writers and breathers
and heart-beaters,
but I believe outcomes,
goals we...

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Categories: prose, change, culture, health, political,

Premium Member What I Didn't Know
People, Places, and Things I Didn't Know I Trusted

I rather suddenly, and belatedly,
realized I trust the highest and best use for language,
for every community and...

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Categories: prose, culture, health, love, political,


What am I?*

Am I just matter?
Am I just spirit?
Am I a combination of spirit and matter?

If we examine the first case- that I am matter-then...

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Categories: faith, god, people, universe,

My Public Service Part Two
(Part Two, Continued)

The better choice of the two, I believe is clear enough even for the ignorant.

Everyday a new adventure in human psychology, pain, and...

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Categories: prose, abuse, addiction, evil, drug,

The Final Blood Moon of the Church Era
Did you read the news yet?
There are unscheduled blood moons popping up everywhere. 
Just yesterday one in New Jersey and another in Illinois.
Blood moon, blood...

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Categories: bible, humanity, jewish, judgement,

Mombasa on My Mind
Six hundred and twenty kilometers we drove, all through the night to the quaint town of Mombasa. It had a feel of its own. A...

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Categories: africa, international, jesus, love,