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Integrity Prose Poems

These Integrity Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Integrity. These are the best examples of Prose Integrity poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Her Courage
Our helpless girls in the society hide 
Their harassment or abuse sometime
For fear of being ashamed,
But not that brave girl of a remote town, 

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Categories: prose, integrity, society,

Today, I feel a great strength!

It is the same strength, that every two feel,
(when, at last, they are brought together, again)
Who were forged together
In the...

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Categories: prose, husband, integrity, longing, love,


It’s not a lack of knowledge.

Ignorance is the act of ignoring.

It is the denial of Truth, the setting aside of practicality, and the excusing oneself...

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Categories: prose, betrayal, depression, fear, integrity,

Dear men
there are some barriers,
some words,
which don't let her to escape
when her feet are burning
from the place she is in,
because many times she don't feel like...

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Categories: prose, abuse, betrayal, integrity, march,

Leaving the earth
an idea with
to all men of vision
this objective could be
but at what cost
is it to 
for the cost will be
far from 
the sacrifices...

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Categories: prose, desire, science,

Premium Member Become an Up-Stander not a By-stander
Courage is to stand up for another
On social media,
To ask the coward to delete 
The mean
To not show the victim
For feelings might not crush
Or crucify...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Would If It Would Be And Is
Would If It Would Be...And Is...

From time immemorial, 
those who would deceive
viewed morality
from under the bridge
and concluded 
that integrity was a choice
rather than a component

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Categories: prose, allegory, america, analogy, betrayal,

Premium Member Inheritance's Lost so Much Betrayal at hand
Inheritance's lost so much betrayal at hand 
It happed to me to me, 
It's happened to you,
All is perfectly understood.
Greed reigns supreme even the rich...

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Categories: 6th grade, integrity,

Premium Member Rising In The Gravity Of The Wave Of Political Deceit


The gravity of the wave of deceit has pulled political integrity
To its lowest ebb and flow, smothering morality with quagmires
Of electorial power abuse...

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, allegory, america,

Premium Member Seeking Sanctuary
Diaspora Dwellings

On my way into our sanctuary
this past Sunday morning
a woman I had met in choir
was strangely inclined
to share her family history.

Her dad came over...

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Categories: prose, earth, family, green, health,

Premium Member Enchanting Mother Fish
To find enchanting integrity,
She transparently confronts her disenchantments
with present and past toxic flow,
disempowering absences of synergetic experience,
like rape and enslavement and aggressive commodification,
disharmonic songs
without time...

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Categories: prose, emotions, engagement, fish, health,

Premium Member In horror the children cry
The cruel beastly fire 
Blazed the land of the earth,
Shattered many sinless lives,
And orphans they become everyday,
But they are yet to be motherless,
Since many more...

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Categories: prose, integrity,

The River
The gush water in early spring
 From the rivers that run down the valley of mine.
 I shall call she, because she is like mother...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, childhood, god, mother,

Dear fellow poets – the young and the young once,

Modern poetry to me is “today’s poetry” or contemporary poetry.  It presents poetry from the...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, poetry,

Premium Member Resonance
Earth health-love resonance
is bird song
contrasted to dissonance
of non-ecologos
decaying cars
and non-theomythic truck technologies
of terror
and mismanaged motorcycles
flowing incessantly by.

Optimal resonance lives inside an eco-forested bird sanctuary
before and...

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Categories: prose, community, happiness, health, identity,

Forced into Love
Come hither she said with a wry smile across her lips, standing in shock as if being mocked by a bird in a tree. Where...

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Categories: crush, perspective, sorry,

Premium Member The Greatest Mystery of Them All
What then is love?
Love is when
we are able to drop
all pretense of being perfect
and allow ourselves
just to be.
When we love,
it is comfortable
to become whatever we...

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Categories: prose, change, confidence, courage, faith,

Premium Member A Tribute
His light shone brightly, like a beacon on a hill
shining forth for all the world to see.
Boldly did he proclaim the gospel, the good news

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Categories: christian, god, tribute,

When nighttime comes                      ...

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Categories: angst, blessing, christian, courage,

Premium Member Minds CoArising Hearts
In our Physics Departments
our most salient awareness
of those nature-spirit entities
most easily seen
and heard
and smelled
as animated and animating,
sometimes more,
sometimes less,
in our daily ritualistic lives
of solids
and liquids

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Categories: prose, art, earth, health, integrity,