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Earth Day Prose Poems

These Earth Day Prose poems are examples of poetry about Earth Day Prose. These are the best examples of Prose Earth Day poems written by international poets.

Save water
Bund-Bund hai khushiyan yaara
Bund-Bund jindgani
Bund-Bund se sapne pure
Bund-Bund hai paani

Bund-Bund ki utani baatein
Jitani Jeevan ki kahani
khamoshi es maine rahati hai
Jaise Aankhon maine paani

Bund-Bund hai khushiyan...

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Categories: prose, art, earth day, nature,

Premium Member A Black Oak Tree
A noble Black Oak tree stands tall and tranquil 
Wearing brown, old and dried crumpled leaves
Withstanding all autumn and winter storms
Without any distress or any...

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Categories: prose, april, creation, earth day,

Gaias Secrets
This ship, this Earth;
Satellite on a quest;
Sailing universal seas.

Azurite orb, 
Whirling gyroscope,
Seeking a new adventure.

Pilgrim of galactic light,
Browsing the heaven’s shop windows.

What do you see,...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, earth day,

Premium Member Sweet Earth
How many more springs will be granted.
Springs where seeds and flowers are planted.
How long will the filthy rain sustain the vigor
Of tender shoots so green...

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Categories: prose, earth, earth day, nature,

Premium Member I Would Like To Be A Changeling Next
Some wanted to be tigers.  The angels talked a few out of it,
Two were led away, because they had a ridiculously silly hissy fit.

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Categories: prose, fantasy,

Premium Member Two Little Bumble Bees

Two little Bumble Bees
asleep inside a rose blossom
this morning.
The dew is on each flower.
I stroke their velvet bodies
of gold and black.
Suddenly they...

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Categories: prose, beauty, blessing, cute, earth

At the Great Museum
 I swept away the cobwebs, 
from my still dreaming mind.  
Chugging a cup of obsidian caffeine, 
I watched Brother Sun’s climb; 
the clouds...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, earth, earth





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Categories: prose, 9th grade, africa, age,

Premium Member Earth Song
In the brown and tan
she sits on the forest floor
pillowed by the fallen leaves.
Her soul grows silent as she listens
to the sounds in the forest.

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beauty, earth day,

Where is Nessie
Where are you, Nessie?
You, have lived so long, 
an eternal legend…
Neptune’s companion.

Have humans murdered you?
Has oil’s black-death, 
slick suffocated you?
Perhaps Fukushima’s burn,
has scorched your scales...

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Categories: animal, corruption, earth, earth

Drop thy emotive drops of rain
Over in the sky,
Inebriating clouds 
Wobble no more;
Both snowy, murky sides,
Don't blend together,
To sparkle any more;
Dry lake in wait of rain,
Gaze at scattered clouds;
Entreat thou...

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Categories: prose, earth, earth day, emotions,

Future life
Would one day, grand, 
Grand to grand child say;
In my dream,
Had wings on my back;
Flew over wavy,
Jhir-mir, Jhir-mir 
Dancing lakes;
Wetting sky by tiny vapours;
Then flew...

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Categories: prose, earth day, future, life,

Premium Member Afraid to Love Too Widely
This ancient apposition
between fear and love,
distrust and trust,
where fear reigns, love has already faded into too-distant hope;
where love co-redeems,
fear can naught but evaporate.

Such dipolar oppositions...

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Categories: prose, destiny, earth day, fear,

Premium Member Planning v Praying
Prayer's positive potential is not as substitute for planning.

Prayer might be a prelude to planning,
and might be an appropriate postlude
to fully implemented plans,
whether psalm of...

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Categories: prose, earth day, health, humor,

Premium Member Deep Learning
Health issues and ecopolitical promise speak in dialectal fractals:
1. Notice hope
2. Understand positive faith
3. Believe with diastatic love regeneration
4. Polypath creolic integration is also notnot...

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Categories: prose, culture, deep, earth day,

Premium Member I Know Not
I know not
what produces and consumes regenerative design
any more than wherein lies recreative imagination
or even empathic and trusting intelligence,
yet I do know this cooperative designer...

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Categories: prose, culture, earth day, green,

Premium Member Conflicts And Farting Cows
Plastic is confronting
This planet her with bio war.
I have deduced
earths health is threatened.
Garbage makers who crave flatulent cows
And demand that we should breed them,
So, they...

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Categories: abuse, anger, confusion, earth

the clean up in my street
I came onto my street today
I stood in shock and awe
vast piles of garbage,in front of every house
is the sad sight that i saw
Its called...

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Categories: earth day, rainforest,

Premium Member In Our Town
In my town
the spiritual warriors conjoined our nature conservancy advocates,
our homeless entertainers and mystics incarnated all the green organic dreams of the food righteousness brigade,


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Categories: prose, community, culture, environment, health,

Premium Member Doing the Math
When I was eight
I knew Paradise could not be merely secular humane
and yet be justly and omnipotently divine,
when a Great Horned Owl
breathed her last sacred...

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Categories: prose, beauty, earth, earth day,