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Childhood Prose Poems

These Childhood Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Prose Childhood poems written by international poets.

Where's Home
What exactly is home and where is it?                 ...

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Categories: prose, heart, home,

Daddys Lament
Write a Lament  is what they say So I’m going to tell you about the saddest day. 
It was summertime with parades in the...

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Categories: childhood, courage, death, devotion,

i hurt myself
I hurt myself again and I'll hurt myself again.
What else can one do when nothing has been said?

There is a memory, beside many from when...

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Categories: childhood,


A young boy in a desert trailer,
wishes inspiration will fall in him,
pitter, patter, like raindrops,
transforming into keytaps,
on the ancient yellow-screened word processor
that was his father's...

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Categories: prose, childhood,

Makin' Mem'ries
There’s nothing quite like
The smell of a cast iron 
Wood fired  cook stove
On a chill Kentucky morning
Brewed coffee, platter of eggs
Pork chops and bacon

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Categories: appreciation, childhood, family, feelings,

I hold memories of the little girl 
the one whose fingers are blocks of wood
the fragile cup
slips wilfully from her grip
smashed into tiny pieces
she, standing...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, childhood, confidence, growing


The day I heard you had died I had no idea what to feel
I was not happy, I was not sad, I was not numb

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Categories: prose, 9th grade, childhood, daughter,

Skipping Pebbles
Have you woken up by a river?
One within the forbidden woods.
A tent, for two. Sleeping bags.
The stream, rushing over golden sand.
I could hear the trees...

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Categories: prose, absence, childhood, deep, emotions,

Snakes And Mr Baines
“A snake in the grass”. Such a powerful and direct metaphor of treachery, is it not? We strive to avoid such ones believed to be...

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Categories: boy, childhood,

missing childhood
the endless
chaotic as well as silent 

I, the wanderer, 
wonderful duet in 
concerned and foolishness
get all, 
come with all
but at this bank of...

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Categories: prose, how i feel,

Its all in the Burning
A candle burns its life away; 
sacrifice to it, is sweet; 
it is a candle’s lot in life.

Candles gift, a light dark cloaked; 
beacon burning...

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Categories: dark, hope, introspection, light,

Premium Member Florence and Charming
She’s coming! Mom said this in a sing-songy way.  
She knew that my twin and I were fascinated with Florence, 
she was like our...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

November, 93
Twas like every November before it, 
But this one came with an air of uncertainty,
For the drums of celebrations had halted in may.
When Owen celebrated...

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Categories: prose, life, lonely, loss, lost

Premium Member Before 13
Before Thirteen

A skinny child 
with crooked teeth and hair needing to be kept short
because of her habit of tangling it with her own hands.
A peculiar...

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Categories: childhood,

Premium Member MOM

I can still see her love dripping off her spoon,
hear the eggs sliding into her bowl;
smell the fragrance of her perfume
blending with the cinnamon and...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, how i feel,

she is everthing
that love bring
there if you call
she's that wall
help you stand tall
she is from above
there's nuthin like

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Categories: prose, adventure, childhood,

The children, eyes wide open,
Listen to the tale of Bojacks.
A timid little forest rascal
Who scampers about the lakes.

He'll dash across an open field
So fast as...

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Categories: prose, childhood,

Premium Member Deaf As Sanctuary Dust
"Therapeutic relationships
are made of healing voices
retelling stories,
strings of hopeful light
reweaving faith in future healthy climates."

Writes the aging Muse
in her fusing bodymind
for future integral love stories


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Categories: prose, age, books, health, history,

How Sweet It Is
Once upon a time, I saw a Candy List of more than forty types of candy.  And would you believe that people were actually...

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Categories: prose, candy, childhood,

A visit with my mother
A visit with my mother..

(She is frai now..almost fragile to the touch as I hold her,She stares out into the harbor,way beyond the harbor, mind...

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Categories: dedication, emotions, encouraging, mom,