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Age Prose Poems

These Age Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Age. These are the best examples of Prose Age poems written by international poets.

I lost
She is mighty.
Brave, powerful and one of a kind.
She is every thought that flows my lonely mind.
I, a stone that resides,
deep within her heart.

It is...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 11th grade, love,

Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend
Spindleshanks Ain't No Legend...

But sits here donned in his foreign
aged (not so lovely) bag of bones
barely functioning surviving, but by
skin off his teeth, (which explains

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Categories: prose, 6th grade, 7th grade,

Note on a Fuzzy Old Age
As he grows old he just grumbles to everything.

On the other hand he curses his bad luck;

his vision on the affairs of the world is...

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Categories: prose, age, introspection,

      My sweetheart said to me: let's fantasize, let's make sweet love ... Let's escape...

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Categories: prose, creation, funny, humorous, metaphor,

The Curse On My Lineage
In These Days, We Prayed

The Curse On My Linage 

Oh linage 
I now sit and wonder,
why thou have grown so slow in progress
And wasteful in...

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Categories: prose, adventure, africa, age, allusion,

I was in my dream,
When I first saw you.
Dreams were many,
But that was new.

Your smile seemed familiar,
But it was hard to remember,
And eyes were so...

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Categories: 12th grade, age, care,

The sky is a watery blue-white.
The dog sits in her bed at the window
Curled like a kitten & peacefully snores.
The cat lies on the sofa,...

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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, beautiful,

To Orange
To Orange,
I've been dreaming, dreaming lately.
How things seemed so sure back then.
How love wasn't a flashback of the days.
How your kindness was taken for granted.

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, age, desire,

At cock crow 
Lady and Mr. Y, turned seventy
They googled themselves;
The wind whistled past
And exposed the gooses back
They felt the wrinkles 
On their temple,
The rings...

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Categories: prose, age, creation, desire, humanity,

Grief and suffering
I can be
A Life sentence to many

Because . . .

The more you love me
The more 
I will hurt you in return

I can take away your...

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Categories: prose, age, anxiety, appreciation, bereavement,

Shield Maiden
Shield Maiden

I have dreamed of the battle;
And truly I have heard,
The ring of sword upon sword;
And tasted blood between my teeth.

I have met the enemy...

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Categories: prose, age, bible, character, child,

Twilight Has Entered My Life
Twilight has entered my life,
realizing that the aging process 
is real and not to be shelved 
and put away for someone else
to contemplate about.

Twilight has...

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Categories: age,

Black History Month, 2019
Born a slave in 1818 and escaped from slavery at the age of 20, Fredrick          ...

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Categories: america, christian, race, racism,

Old Age
Old Age

The hours pass like beads on a string;
Each like the other in orderly array.
They march forth in military lines,
Each preceded by another.

The pain comes...

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Categories: abuse, age, body, cry,

The bespectacled old man
Adjusted his spectacles and his hearing aids,
Positioned his walking stick
Inched forward as the caravan stuttered
Birthed at Aqua Caliente Station

Unable to make out

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Categories: prose, leadership, political,

He doesn’t care how cute she is, how smart she is; He didn't care if she looked like his mother... Didn't know she was his...

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Categories: prose, 8th grade, abortion, age,

Overcoming my depression part one
Overcoming my depression.  How can I best accomplish it in the troubled times like these?  Frequently I recite in my mind my favorite...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

We HAVE Yesterday,Letter To My Bride
My dear Bride,

Much energy and talk go into today's relationships.               ...

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Categories: prose, feelings, i love you,

The Dictator
The Dictator

The Earth once echoed with his shouts;
Now He is silent.

Mankind once trembled at his feet.
Now he is called mad.

He once ruled Kings;
Now his own...

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Categories: prose, age, betrayal, bullying, corruption,


Who are you,
I am your Valentine,
What do you want,
To be your Valentine,
Where are you from,
Deep in your heart,
Will you stay
For eternity,
Am I yours,
For as...

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Categories: heart,