My door

Written by: Griffins Ndhine

There is war on my door
The law is no more
You not my neighbour
So war on my door
Just pack and go
I am not a resident
Decides so the president
But by birth I am parmanent
No right even the parliament
Blind Brother By birth I am parmanent
But there is war on my door
No more is the law
A line we must draw
Better we must know
Our children will grow
Peace they must know
So the despots must go
Our system restore
Reboot re-group resist
The law must exist
The law not the fist
The state house has a feast
When lives go to waste
If you speak it is hate
You are shut
Mute hey you 'fool'
This country we rule
So stay silent you cool
Or the guns will dance
And the graves will have a party
And the streets will fill with orphans
Remember these are children
And the future they be given
There is war on my door
No more is the law
The law is no more
War war war 
On My door.