The Truth of Me

Written by: eric boddie

"The Truth of Me"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

To tell the Truth of me
Is so very easy you see
Yet only few will understand
Just what makes up this man
For I desire not society's approval
Because years ago, I made a permanent removal
I am like no one else you will encounter
I strive to be as somewhat of an astounder
Because I am only going to be here once
So I try to make the best of every day of every month
And I really could care less what others think
For this is my ship and only I can cause it to sink
And that is why I Love all people the same
So on the Day Of Judgment, God wont feel ashamed
To Welcome me through His Pearly Gates
Even though He Knows my every mistake
But He Also Knows what my heart holds dear
And to which level I am honestly sincere
So my Truth is I Live to be in His Service
Failure to do so is all that makes me nervous
And that is the reason why if you ever need a friend
I will always and forever have an ear to lend....