How To Know You Are In Your Golden Years

Written by: Shirley Rebstock


                                           Do you ever say
                  Hey Doc, would you prescribe, wink, wink, that little blue pill
                    I am willing to risk a heart attack to get back that old thrill

                                            Do you ever say
                               I put in my contacts, my reflection  to see
                                          Take one look in the mirror
                                      What in the hell happened to me
                                            Do you ever say
                       I will put on my make up so my skin will have a glow
                       But will have to get home in a few hours or my make up
                           Will sink into my skin and my wrinkles will show

                                             Do you ever say
                     All the gray hairs and wrinkles are a small expense to pay
                      For all the wisdom I have gained as the years tic toc away

                                               OR did you say
                      To heck with that, who is the best plastic surgeon you know
                                   Hurry the directions to his office 
                          Maybe there is hope some old beauty the doc can bestow

                                                 Do you ever say
                                   My get up and go got up and went
                              I barely did anything and my energy is spent

                                                 Do you ever say
                     Have to pee all night and will all these aches and pains ever part
                       Or Hey that was not me, that was you, who let out that fart

                                               Do you ever say
                        Who was that movie star whose name begins with F
                                         What, what cannot hear you
                               What, I yelled at you three times already
                                              You must be deaf
                                               Or do you say
                             Oh what a beautiful day, look at the birds
                                Bring me my rocker, let me sit down
                                 I am grateful for all the days I smiled 
                                  Even the days that brought a frown