Santa's list

Written by: Wendy Rycroft

Santa's list
Picture by Alan L Boles

Santa... I don't want any toys
This year,
I've changed my mind!!!

Please...all I want is my daddy,

I've heard mummy crying,
And it makes me sad,

I've left a candle by the window,
So he can find his way home,

Teddy is upset,
And getting worried,
Thinks he's lost,
In the deep snow,

He went to a faraway country,
Where there is fighting and war,
But promised he would be safe,

He's a good soldier
Looking after people,

But I need him more, 
And it's Christmas tomorrow,
I want to stay here and wait,
Till... he gets home,

Mummy's getting late,
I have to go to bed,
Night, night, 
See you in the morning daddy,

Please be here,
When I wake,

God bless mummy,
God bless daddy,
Please God 
Fetch daddy home.
For Christmas.

Wendy Jae