Inflated Santa

Written by: Christine Phillips

Naked trees crying out in the streets
They have lost all their perpetual leaves
Nude branches shooting up in the  stagnant air
Whispering something that you have to hear
A stinking smell permeates the atmosphere
And  the  birds are flying everywhere
They land in the hollow of the dirty trunks
Looking for something that cannot be done
Winter is riding and the cold is cutting
the rock stones and the woodpeckers are jumping around
They are mimicking themselves and ripping the guts
of the sufferers pie and listening to the mothers cry
The birds are  murmuring too they are locked down in the trees
looking at me and you because they do not know what's civil to do
The tennis court is bare and empty where is everybody
a town filled with big houses and bloodless faces
Nobody seems to be  having fun everyone is on the run
Cars going up and down the street searching for a Christmas treat
The boys are angry  because they can hardly feed their family
I sat on the wall at English Oaks looking at the sun as it goes down
The golden sun lit up the dark blue sky making melody as it passes by
I embraced her charm and felt her warmth running through my vein 
igniting a powerful energy that embolden everybody
The golden sun disappeared and night suddenly draws near
grey clouds rolled over the night sky bidding daylight an awesome goodbye
The rain clouds appear  getting ready to meet with me and you
Washing away the fear and light the torch in the air
Big houses standing on the hill with no rightful owner dwelling within
Darkness peeps through the giant windows sill everything looked cold and dim
Cars and trucks parading up and down the street
disturbing my stable heart beat pumping up malicious blood
forcing me to join the Christmas madness
And  reminisce  the winter sadness
Here I am at English Oak standing tall with the heavens call
There is something special about English Oak
Whenever I sit here the Gods always have something to share
This morning I sat at this spot and a powerful light from the sky
spill its energy all over me leading me to my destiny
I am sitting on a wall that is steady and strong
and the oak tree will last very long 
It will  spread its branches to eternity and protect my privacy
I walked around the neighborhood observing the faded street lights 
while examining the blazing Christmas lights
The  vacant houses are string with lights to keep out intruders
and to paint a ridiculous picture about their owners 
They are not around to celebrate Christmas in this town
Big mac, big man,  big ship,big land and a piece of paradise to pay the price
You blow up Santa clause and string him up with glittery lights 
because that's your delight
But the inflated Santa is loosing air
Pump him up and and he will loose air
The inflated Santa is the people's clown
Dress in red and is walking around the town
The inflated Santa has no gift to share
Stay away from him or your lights will grow dim
These are the words I hear  while
I was sitting on the wall at English Oaks