I Can Win The War Without Destroying The World

Written by: Christine Phillips

I have been reluctant to write this poem
Because I don't want to disappoint anyone
from going to heaven
I have been reluctant to write this poem
Because it has been a heavy burden
Yesterday  a little past noon
I felt very tired and weary from sleep deprivation
My computer was playing me for a fool
and everything I do was not going through
It felt as if someone was literally on my computer
monitoring my activities 
and prevent me from accomplishing anything
Everything was so slow and I did not know which way to go
I spend hours working on something
and error messages kept popping in
I did not have anyone to share my frustration
I could smell coffee brewing in the cold
and my patient was getting old before the big show
I took out a comforter from the closet
and placed my pillow on the carpet
I have not been sleeping of late
because the feds have infiltrate my meeting
I can see them everywhere interfering with the children
Some of them have no manners they feel as if they are owners
They just walk in and take over
Then they mess up everything
I am not a day sleeper neither am I anyone's door keeper
I have never applied for a government job
because I don't want to be sad
I am feeling so overwhelmed 
trying so hard to fend for myself
But the more I try 
The more they  are forcing me away
They are still hiding in the background
You just see things happening and you don't
have explanation for anything
I see activities all around but I don't know what is going on
I have stopped thinking about these things
and allow the holy spirit to handle everything
I wander off in a long doze 
I was sound asleep with my eyes closed
and my spirit led me straight to the white house
I have never been to the white house before
except for when the Russians entered from the East Wing
That night I could see everything in a vision that was bold and grim
I barged right through the iron door
and  start moving around the rooms
and I could sense that the end was coming soon
There were sheets covering, tables  and all the furniture
The floors were covered too and no one could pass through
I  walked passed a little exhibition at the side and walked up a little ramp
I couldn't make out the names of the artist work on display 
because it was getting late
People were busy moving around and others were going in and out
And  many women in white were standing in long lines
I left the White-house and when to bigger place with many big doors
and people were moving around very quickly going to and from meetings
I had my car keys in my hand but my house keys disappeared from  around my neck
I searched around but I could not find it
I board another bus and joined a pack of people wearing white
boarding a  bus  to the White house
I have pondered this vision all day yesterday
about misplacing my keys at the White-house
What is this symbolism all about?
This morning after finishing my work
and was about to walk through the door
I heard the following words shouting out
"I can win without destroying the world"
I walked quickly down the road
and my spirit led me straight into the big cemetery
I don't know what went  on there but the master
had something that He wanted to share
I stepped over many tombstones and
there it was lying flat on the ground
with a carving  that mark mother
 and another one beside it marked father
No names were written on them
Something else significant caught my attention
Just in-front of them on a higher tomb stone
The following dates were highlighted
October seven eighteen eighty two 
and March fourteen eighteen eighty one
January seven nineteen sixty 
and November fifth nineteen sixty four
There it was in Flint Hill Cemetery
These signs and symbols made me feel so uneasy
Because I don't understand the message that is embedded within
I wish if I could just have one day when everything
is going my way and I don't have to think or pray
I can win the war without destroying the world.