'I walked with hurt and anger'

Written by: Dear Heart

In my life so far, I have suffered pain,
  been overcome with emotions of anger, hurt;
    silent, I never did complain,
    I just became an introvert;
      I was detached and flat.
  Then, one day I became a wildcat,
  I was so tired of being a doormat !
  I became full of fury and wrath, and rage,
a warrior fierce and in war I did engage;
until in deep anguish-   I was in a locked cage.

  An emotional cage of hurt and anger,
  my spirit shattered-  my heart aching;
    I went still and took a breather,
    the path I was on-  crumbling;
      then, revenge inside me faded,
  I did not want to be the thing I hated
  so all the hurt and anger I halted.
  The effects of careless words last a lifetime,
but instead of fighting back, I take downtime;
and since I let go-  I dwell in the sublime.

November 28, 2017

Poetry/Rhyme/'I walked with hurt and anger'
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All Rights Reserved.  Written Under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, Emotional Anger and Hurt
sponsor, Lewis Raynes
Fourth Place