Christmas fairy lights

Written by: Lewis Raynes

We’re the stars in the sky, a collage of colour, 
Every tint with a hue, we glow,
And we hang happy as friends, in an elegant display, 
We hang in a beautiful row,

Of happy and love, we hang in a lounge, 
And also in your room, from the sill,
And we dimly fluoresce all of your world, 
When all of your world’s sitting still.

We hang from the pub, in their busiest hour, 
And we hang from the tree in the park,
We relax the world of hustle and bustle, 
After everything has turned into dark.

Every year, about now, we come out to play, 
Shining happiness throughout all the nights,
Shining and sharing a beautiful display, 
We’re your colourful quaint fairy lights.