Ballad of a Hermit Crab

Written by: Derek Chos

Endless curse, my love for you
A dirty life, my ritual of solitude
Quiet days and empty nights
Foggy mornings and everything that comes with lack of sleep

And silence abound
My lover, the ground

Shaking off the morning shakes
Pop a pill and try to catch a bus
Withdraw in my homey shell
A hermit crab moving at the speed of life

Swept up in tides
A bone-crushing ride

Another day, another death
Facing how my apathy is breaking down my base
I can't stand up, I can't fight back
It's easier to just let the stars around just pass me by

It's just how it goes
And thus, silence drones

A profession based on shaking hands
A difficult life for a boxer with no arms
A ticket bought with a golden voice
Anxiety to ride grows now that my cords have been cut

A loss of one's self
Stuck on the shelf

Sleep in, miss another day
Mother's growing worried and my voice mail's getting full
Lose another twenty pounds
A diet is much easier when you can't afford to shop

Bathing in light
Computer's blight

Crank out another project
Make the day's wages so I can keep the water on
Apologize for the delays
See the saccharine words flow by that don't wipe up the ink

A blot on a page
Became the whole stage

Making love to rum and coke
But it doesn't make it easier to make it through the night
Chafes and burns and vomit stains
Rise to the occasion and move to keep myself alright

Puppet on strings
The crown of the king

Shout out into the black night
Until the sirens flash and send me running back alone
Slam out further angry words
The music of this keyboard is all that keeps it from collapse

A desperate cry
The knave shall comply.