Written by: Suraj Grover

Her every look is just like thunder,
She freezes me in just a glance,
The music is on, the floor is set,
Would i be able to ask her for a dance?

She flaunts her body in that suave black dress,
Her sensual curves set my heart on fire,
I wish I could go up and talk to her,
And tell her my innermost desire.

My god when she smiles, the world goes bright,
And even the dance floor seems so less in light,
Only if i could make her notice me,
And convey her my feelings in a sight.

Oh there she moves just like a mermaid,
Gliding across the floor so smooth,
Even angels are not close to her beauty,
How i want to tell her all these truths.

She is coming this way, why? I wonder,
I don’t even think i did something now,
My mind begins to race, my heart starts to ponder,
May be i did something afterall?

“Would you ask me for dance? Or should i wait the entire night?”
She came upto me and directed her command,
“No, i was waiting for the right time” i blabbed,
With head hanging ashamed in her remand,
“We have been together for 50years!
What do you still think so much?”
She threw her angered face in blue,
“How lucky i am, how lucky i was, to have a family with u”,

I smiled and took her hand in my hands,
With some effort and a little knee pain,
Celebrating a lifetime of marriage,
Which started long back with a kiss in the rain,
How perfect she is, how perfect she was,
Only if i could tell her more and more,
Then she would know what i always thought,
How did i ever ask her to dance with me on the floor?