Dramatic dreams dare dingos

Written by: Taoi Chanan

Malnourishment is the song from the pans whose empty hold could offer no more products to be boiled and whirled. They were quite sad having been bought then hung. Hung. Sparkly signalling stale sales. Stale sales were akin to an arguing restaurant and bistro. Whose fare was the best anyway? And when the take away joined in the battle then this was sure to be a fine discussion that could  and appear heated and drone on and on and on for many a month. And many a month is many trees looking on at the spectacle ad many a piece of tarmac shrinking under such shouts and threats and taunts. Simply no shroud for a shout omitting from under and over a radio.

When the plane came to land it landed in dense jungle. The towering shrubbery and fern like plants felt the plane slip by but eventually became tangled thus ensuring the plane stopped it's roll. The passengers left the plane and found themselves on a deserted island complete with a  stately home that was left. This was next to a cliff with a huge sea and a pink sun. Beyond the hedges to the right there was a jumping spot where children and young adults took the challenge to dive in and out of non toxic water. Amazing it was and liberating too. Mild was the temperate to a temperature incline. And into and out of the slumber the large dusk held the arms. 

Half an audit is an A3 orbit of a room. And the graceful head of a judgemental swan can captivate offerings with a nod and swoop of arch. Arched and elongated necks are obviously seeking fodder in the waters. Spinning around the glowing ripples like gods. The ideology of another era ensured plenty a myth and fable to tell like stories over and over from cradle upwards. Just like flying up the side of a building upside down, or crossing a 2 centimetre rope bridge at an elevation of 569,000,000 feet. Makes the whole experience more exciting thought the snail. Mr & Mrs snail were always on the move. And often wished to be like a slug sometimes thus not carry all contents with them like a house on the back.

Vital to think how the bluebell can purr when greeted with morning mist in the forest. Then stroked by the little folk whose antics with sticks and jumping games can always amuse the left eyed swamp monster who could often become annoyed if not entertained constantly. “So move in trees” said the fauns and centaurs who smiled in wisdom at the decreasing forest. They had been told of the giant sky cavern. They would be fine then wouldn't they? Inclination inspires imaginations imagining inner intelligences.

When dressing in a room full of long legged spiders and those whose bodies portly and legs short, please be very careful. For you really would not want an arachnid in your garments particularly when attending an important function. How wild and raucous the night would become denotes the style of clothing. And beads are not allowed as they can often separate and cause lots of people,animals,vegetables and biscuits to trip over the spinning round globules. Especially on stairs.

And into the animalistic environment of a cattle cart. What a heavy amount of heifers. How audible is that amount of moo. Particularly when stood iin the centre of the black and white frames. Loud isn't it? Cover the ears with a shield and look out of the gaps. Spinning flurry of countryside and waste covered in a jacket of elements like rain for example.

And all the while a dog chats to a frog on a log that was sailing away down the streams. Great.


And imagining a duster chatting to a rake in the rain is about as useful as dusting each and every book in a giant library holding over 2 billion bulging books.

3 times a wallaby is 5 times a secret swallow in and out of the 5 eaves with 5 worms, 5 pieces of straw, and 5 babies.

Pray to all gods at once. All known and unknown and even if pigs and sheep say oink and baa it is times for chimes from the grandfather clock whose boom can shatter the faith of even a tablecloth. Radiate that then spin a nice weave to make a winter jumper for a monkey. Baboons prefer waistcoats and chimps prefer crochets. 

Wild eyed cinematic scape of a kitchen table with breakfast left overs. Jumping. And playing. In the dutiful morning glow. 

Hire no hint. And hint at hares.

One two three elephant stomp dance brigade.

Z Antediluvian Z

At thirty seven cars passing eight carriages in one moment in a game of tennis on a motorway. X