Written by: sammie shakespeare

I'm jealous that your now happy without me
your now with the angels and flying freely
I've known you for all these years
your my best pal and these are happy tears
so hear me now bruv
you are one in a million and this is the message i send you up above
look down on us from heaven
keep us free from hurt and pain
you'll always be within my heart
until we meet again
i know your decision must of been painful to make
the thoughts in your head 
must of been unbearable to take
there's so many things i never got to say
because i never thought you would go away
i'm glad that you are free from the fears you held inside
but i wish you had come to me 
and put aside your pride
the world is a lonlier place without you
i guess you thought this was all you could do
i love you Bondy
and having you as a bestfriend was such an honoury