Written by: Mugisho Theophile

Death, you are everything ugly
Unavoidable doom you are
You are mean and unfair
For you rob the cradle
Scare everyone, young and old
So you claim your potency 

Death, you aren’t surely corruptible
Else kings and presidents would survive
You courageously knock at their doors
You owe no respect to anyone
And no one hides from you
For you and your soldiers are vigilant

Friendless and brotherless you are
People, animals and plants fear you
For you remove one by one heartlessly 
Children on breast you sway
For you have no heart and brain
Yet you know who to take today 

Death, had I had power
I’d create a court or an army
That could surprise you
By hunting you day and night
Defeat and root you out the world
So broken hearts are mended

Poem by Mugisho N Theophile