Wanted list

Written by: Tinashe Chipenyu

They called my friend and I over 
The atmosphere was mad tense
Peril floated nimbly in the crisp air 
Bloody pictures messed with our imagination
"Terrorists wanted list ,give us your names" 
Imagine the shock and unfettered terror .
We gave them our names ,and they drove off or is it cycled? 
Apparently they had been watching us for a while 
In the land 'Terrorist' meant everyone who didn't agree with the 
powers that be it appeared 
One friend joined us ,inebriated to the gills 
Absolute shocker!!! The guy had always been the pinnacle of sobriety
Seeing his name added to the "Terrorist list" had taken it toll on him 
Fear gripped us like prey on the hyena's jaws 
Unprecedented levels of reign of terror being unleashed .
"Never walk together again ,Ever.They will think you are plotting" 
 One 'Good Samaritan chipped in 
 So we separated with my friend ,the air was getting denser by the minute
 They had succeeded yet again in instilling fear In us 
 In making themselves Invincible in our eyes 
 Why are we always on the shallow end of the pool? 
 Five steps ahead of us they always seem 
 But we shall overcome