High heels

Written by: STANLEY Harris

High heels
By Stanley Russell Harris
The new mad author
& A Poetry Soup honourably mentioned poet

Why do women wear high heeled shoes?
I really do not know.
That’s because I am a man.
And my shoe heels are low.

Is it so when they are shopping?
In the supermarket’s where they do go.
They can reach the top shelf.
That one I never can you know,

Is it so they feel 10 feet high.
Look down on us men as they pass by.
Or is it so we look up to them?
I mean, us flat shoed little men.

If businesses have a dress code.
They should supply all with clothes.
Like schoolchildren all could look the same.
Uniform and in flat shoes again.

I thought long and hard about high heels and wondered if I could write a poem. I have posted this on BBC News  Facebook page where I do share a few on my creations mentioning Poetry Soup of course lol. No offence ladies if you like wearing high heeled shoes.