Suffolk Day

Written by: STANLEY Harris

Suffolk day Wednesday 21st of June 2017
By Stanley Russell Harris
The new mad author
& A Poetry Soup honourably mentioned poet

There is going to be a Suffolk Day, I heard the news I did today!
On BBC radio Suffolk, I say.  But shout about it, what me? Oh nay!
 Summer Solstice the longest day for Suffolk Day, they do say.
I wonder, will I be able to open my windows that day?
Or will I smell that barbecue?  Burning meat, that’s what they do!
Or will I smell those cutting grass.  I must admit that smell does not last.
Then of course there is bonfire smoke.  A whiff of that does make me choke.  
Scented washing, drying on garden clothes lines. I share that smell all the time. 
A barking dog, loud fireworks too, are peaceful sounds, I’m kidding you!
0h for the smell of sweet Suffolk air!  Now British Sugar does not pollute the air.
Smelt like burnt Sunday dinners everywhere.
Of course to The Strand I could go.  Park by the River Orwell you know.
Nearby and crossing over-head!
Traffic flows to and from Felixstowe Docks/ London and the Midlands instead.
By the River, I like to be, yet when the wind blows right you see.
You get the smell of sewage true, as nearby the river, they treat our poo.
Oh yes, I’d like some fresh Suffolk air!
By the coast at Felixstowe, I had a beach hut there.
Now Council wants to increase the rent.  Then there is a smell when the dock’s do vent!
That smell upset the wife of me, and when she’s upset, she blames me. 
 So I sold my beach hut in despair, as vandals used it more than I down there.
On the seafront at Felixstowe, the vandals knew my hut well you know.
Three times they did visit me, not once could I offer them a cup of tea.
As they called in the dark at night and as I could not sleep there.
I could not offer, even a deckchair!
No more to the coast, need I to go.  But as the wife does I must also.
 I drive Clarence my VW Caravelle, now my mobile beach hut, and wife’s changing room!
As Clarence is diesel powered, he adds to the air’s gloom. 
Although many years ago, the government said, ‘diesel is the way to go!’
 Then as fuel tax income diminished low, diesel now also has to go.
As summer rises now its head, all the smells circulate I said.
There really is no place to go, where is air fresh?  I just don’t know!
But if you know a place so good!  
With no Sun-blocker smells, ladies and gents scents!  Or burning wood.
Please oh please let me know.
So I can tell the wife.
Where she can go!
Please and thank you.
Stanley R Harris
 (The new mad author)
PS I am on Facebook seeking a reply.
For where can I take the wife and I?
Where no smells can affect she, and indirectly, old blinking me.
It really is not much fun, when odours upset the wife you know. By the coast you would think it fair, yet there are stinks in the air there.  Smoke from cigarettes everywhere, nice scents and dog poo fills the air. Not me do they affect, apart from when I get them in the neck!
Have a nice Suffolk day June 21st 2017. I will, but only if I can get away.  On checking my diary, I see that day is a Wednesday and that’s one of the days in the week, I am the wife’s chauffeur, so meek to speak!  So we can get away for the day, that day, Suffolk day.  Now I wonder when Essex has their Essex day lol.
Stanley R Harris (The new mad Author)