20-1-17 It was just one of those days

Written by: STANLEY Harris

 20– 1– 17
It was just one of those days!

As the sun is shining!  What do I go and do? 
As I am out in Clarence, should I really tell you?
No doubt you will laugh as in the sun, I do not be.
As I am parked in the shade and it is freezing cold you see.

Now you might wonder why Clarence does not go,
so do I. Do you want to know?
It might be as my mechanic Carl said.
 ‘Clarence needs fuel to go, you silly head.’

Okay with that.  I might agree. 
As the fuel gauge is on the blink, you see.
And my mechanic knows of this, 
but booking in is such a hit and miss.

If he is there, I am not,
if I’m about, he is not.
I would not mind if it was hot,
as here in the shade.  It is not.

Now this might make you smile or laugh. 
When I worked, I’ll tell you now.
I carried spare diesel and petrol somehow.  
Diesel was for my van you see.
Petrol, for my generator of electricity.
When at home I kept my fuel safe. 
My mechanic helped himself I spate.
Now as I am retired, with no work to do so this day.
I carry no spare fuel I say, and that’s the truth from me today.
No neighbours or friends could help me, 
nought of my petrol borrowing mechanic could I see.
Nor can I carry spare fuel now, as smells upset my wife somehow.

As I’m a gold member of the AA.
I swallowed my pride and rang them today.
Informed them, I did of my plight. 
 ‘Mister Harris,’ they said, ‘all will be alright.
Our man will be with you today.’  
They gave the time forty-five minutes away.

I told him I would still be here, 
waiting for the AA patrol to appear.
Spot on time, it I did see driving down the street to me.
I waved my walking stick in the air.  
The driver slowed and saw me there.

As I explained my tale of woe, 
he poured diesel into Clarence’s fuel tank so.
As I turned and turned and turned the ignition key.
Clarence sucked up the diesel see.
Then his engine fired you know,
I and the AA  man were happy, you know.
Once papers were signed, I then did go, 
on with my day, I did just so…

And that concludes my tail of woe,
and whatever else happened on this day.
I just do not want to know 
Trump that I say.

(Stanley the new mad author)