Written by: Freddie Robinson Jr.

You've been a peon, lowly pawn your whole life
Never amounted to much,
nothing much ever went right
Grew up dirt piss poor,
never knew the reason why
you were put on this earth for
So you start cyber chasing every get-rich-scam or scheme,
cashing out is a lame loser's favorite daily daydream
While waiting in a single file soup kitchen line,
the dumbest idea ever entered your muddled mind:
escape poverty's prison through a life of crime
Mean magistrates moved you around the board ever since
Inconsequential has been the sum of your sorry existence
You're a headless, karaoke knight riding a pale horse,
traveling aimless, without honor and shameless ...
singing drunken songs about imitations of life
Given a choice, riotous living you lasciviously endorse
Spurred in the direction of death,
you always make wrong way decisions
Trying to move up a spot or two in a mobile mercenary life,
ain't difficult to do, if given the right princely price
Loose loyalty has you always fleeing the specter of the sword,
side stepping death's demise more than once or twice
D.W.B are your birth initials, David Weyland Bishop;
spelled diagonally, bingo, Dates Women at Bordellos
Signed up to be a Catholic consigliore priest once,
when mother of the brood said she reject runts
Couldn't keep the vows you sacredly swore,
because you loved chasing after widows and whores
You like getting paid pretty to recite the verses,
you like getting laid, lustily piling up the curses
Every angle you play, leads your defrocked soul more astray
An inept rook, who tried to pickpocket the key
to the castle of God's kingdom
when you joined a secret society of thieves
Learned how to steal several different ways,
got tricked out when you started believing crime pays
Just another swindling, small-time crook
other people possessions you pilfered ...
fell horizontally in love with the things you took
Destination: vertical down, looks like you're hustling hellbound
You dream of living large, like a king on a throne;
but court jesters tend to live where fools belong
Presently, your domicile is the dog pound,
got a rap sheet stretching a mile long
Must be planning to purchase a palace underground
Your CO warned you to only take one step at a time,
but your MO is simple though: keep committing crime
using the same cookie cutter plan,
which chuckling cops say, always makes you so easy to find
Being bailed out yet again by an icy queen you love to hate
With a dark, domineering woman like this,
expect to be bitten by a bloody black widow kiss
When it comes to wielding willpower over men,
she's manipulates with an air of regal royalty
A poor puppet like you is way out of your little league,
you don't have the mental moxie to capably compete
Jezebel has you tangled, 
trapped in the throes of damnation --- 
it's getting loco late
You never cared to seek salvation:
now game's over ... checkmate!