Its Christmas down here

Written by: STANLEY Harris

                            It’s Christmas down here

                          Happy birthday Jesus Christ.
                              You would be old if still.
                                     Down here!

                          Bet you’re glad you are not.
                     With all the evil we have now got.
                                     Down here!

                               I hope up in Heaven.
                              All is calm and serene.
                                      Unlike it is.
                                      Down here!

                                     As if it is not.
                              Please don’t call on me.
                                   I’ll put up with it.
                                       Down here!

                                  A Merry Christmas 
                           All who do read this prose!
                        And a Happy New Year as well!

                        Down here! 
                                  Down here!
                                           Down here! 

                        OK Dragon this is down enough.
                          Happy Christmas to you too!
                               The new mad Author
                   &  A Poetry Soup Honorably Mention.