Written by: kathryn collins


Do you know why Forsythia is named?
I, in my imagination, know why 'tis famed.
Sythia, a lass of beauty and fine grace,
won the heart of a youth of noble race.

Never had he seen a face so fair and
never such a flow of golden hair,
Do you know why 'tis hand oft he said to her under a bower 
"I shall make Sythia the name of a flower,

But there came sounds of roaring guns,
and the tall gallant youth knew war had begun!

Years passed, and many an hour the boy searched
patiently for an aureate flower.  He searched
and searched til death was near, and the thought
of dying filled him with fear.

But, finally he found it round a bend and
softly whispering he said to his friend,
"This is for Sythia"!!

Frances Capici
December 2016