Uncomposed Madness

Written by: Paloma P

Piercingly epodic passages, 

indistinguishable as snowflakes

to the discerning eye, perceived 

  as  prevised precept,  

distinct misgivings groveling

        about ego's mucky absolution,

 flaunting deeply defiled relevance

  as a sense of self-gratifying  value,

 lost art's impetuous reevaluations mid

     suspicions' efficaciousness

    transference of slurred refrain's

         beat tempo, cascading

  between spaces forgotten &

                 remembrance's sake

   swirled within inky ravishment

       of acknowledged exhalations, 

     melodic memories' unhinged

         metronome arrangements 

played like escaped violin strings on fire,

     the truth will burn a path of

                     whorling relentless reflection

 dancing on quarter tone's double

    sharp notes,          tucked aside

        as life's dispassionate poetry

              unfurls in uncomposed madness