Man vs Woman

Written by: Molly Simkins

The very softest forms 
Of martial arts
Tai chi 
It’s very similar to a dance.
You’re a dancer who dodges. 
And aikido
for when things get a little rougher. 

These seek to do no harm to a predator
To disarm with the least amount of force. This woman does aspire
Chi point strikes are more dangerous to your opponent, and fellow being.
If you choose to learn them, okay. That’s your choice. 
You are always in the process of gathering tools.

It sickens me to hear of advice
Of gouging with keys 
And other flimsy 

How are you supposed to take care of yourself?

Or worse, seeking to do the most harm with the least amount of effort
S. I. N. G.
That is not a type of “singing” I’d EVER endorse. 
It boils my blood. That stupid coincidence-

That is laziness
And inability to feel empathy
Plain and simple.

“Miss Congeniality” 
Sandra Bullock 
She punches and beats up that man that did NOTHING.
There’s nothing congenial 
about targeting someone’s genitals. 
And then teased him

And everyone LAUGHED.

Who’s the sociopath now?
Or the SADIST???

If a man punched a woman anywhere
And then taunted her
You would be baying for his blood. 

Like lionesses who wolf down dogs cowering
You are not that different.
You’re the same species.