Or Ultimately We All Fall

Written by: Paloma P

She was gooey like maple syrup

     & marshmallow s'mores,

stronger than  a mountain lion

    protecting her cubs,

wore prescription rose-tinted 

     sunglasses with GPS,

she'd been around long enough

   to see through most of the 

    negative flimflam and ambiquity, 

was agile enough to laugh at

      her own cheeky caricature,

wouldn't put up with the travesty

   'neath debauchery's cunning

still, she wondered as most do,

  what was to become of a world

so engrossed in the overthrow

    & disparaging mockery of others

she bade her time waiting to grow

    older and wiser in hopes

she'd be around long enough

      to experience a sunrise view 

            in universal accordance

      before her own last sunset

                  ultimately bites the dust,  

         burning in all-inclusive ashes