In Our Town

Written by: Gerald Dillenbeck

In my town
the spiritual warriors conjoined our nature conservancy advocates,
our homeless entertainers and mystics incarnated all the green organic dreams of the food righteousness brigade,

Eternal earth-day worshipers
began pilgrimages with gardeners and pet-owners and parents,
to establish a CoOperative County SelfInvestment Fund.

No additional costs to county tax-payers,
zero-interest loans are available on widely variable repayment terms,
including a combination of direct monetary 
and indirect sweat-equity value balance, 
in which everybody's time is worth 20 tax-free dollars/hour.

joined cooperative networking hands with private individuals and corporations with retirement and insurance and other re-investable funds, 
choosing to borrow from these funds to give (0) interest pooled loans to the CoOperative Fund 
in lieu of paying real estate taxes directly into their local municipality.

This CoOperative Fund supports proposals to co-develop and ecotherapeutically design, 
evaluate and report nutritional v more toxic outcomes.

We attract proposals to join this emerging local cooperative economic and political network
of and for health, safety,
ecological healthywealth,
cooperative-rooted planning and repurposing recreative design,
communication and community and educational development 
WinWin compatible with private/public health policy and practice.

We have transgender farmers 
teaching yoga and tai chi classes
in neighborhood police stations 
and senior centers
and Sunday Schools;

Cooperative education
in our Boys And Girls Together All Lives and Deaths Matter Club.

Holistic artists work and play with therapeutic intent,
organic restorative medicines,
including therapeutic friendly climates and landscape designs.

We have police advocating for community nutritional peace enrichment,
running programs for regenerative ecotherapies,
internal mind and body issues and ecopolitical concerns,
extended familial mind and body language
and communication healers,
and neighborhood dancers and writers and co-evolvers,
revolving together more synergetically,
with multicultural integrative intent 
and healthywealth production balancing consumption outcomes.

All this, and much more, 
supported by our CoOperative County Self-with-Other Optimization Fund
on behalf of regenerating health, 
including healthy climates,
including healthy ecopolitical learning climates,
and very much standing together in solidarity with all EarthTribes
against decompositional
mutually-immune distrust,
and other variations on pathological threads
of unraveling 
supremacist climatology.

We became bicycle and horse friendly towns
developing nondual Type A+B ClimateSupport attitudes
with stone-soup kitchen gospel and barbershop quartets,
homeless cooperative-incorporated street entertainment groups,
public plaza plays conjoining Agape with Eros,
proclaiming primal nurturing source and resources
at a full moon-time rally
celebrating nature-spirit harmonic Agape
as always embryonic evolving Eros.

Right timeless Brain is not so eternally timeless as to lose touch
with Earth's mutually symbiotic transubstantiation 
into love's climax integrity,
Agape Interdependent Left 
with Empty-Eros Pay Grace Forward Right.

Jehovah Witnesses began intermarrying with Rastafarians,
mutually recruiting nature-spirit worshipers
to join them and bring their vaporizing incense burners,
if they would be so kind.

They all have a much better time,
spiritual-climate positive; not so toxic,
and have been eating more organic healthier-wealthier too.

Jehovah has come back into 
and onto 
Green Organic Earth Gardens of Paradise,
once thought hopelessly lost to GreatFall climate pathologies.

Wait til you hear their latest town council proposal
for improving ecopolitically regenerative climates
in our more CoOperative County.
Or don't.
I'm sure you have your own better judgment, 
swimming in cooperative exegetical health v pathology discernment
more socially cooperative economic and political ideas
for nurturing therapeutic multicultural climates of inclusion and love,
of mutual therapeutic help, 
and not so much mutual traumatizing
criminalizing condemnation.