Almost Wife

Written by: Jalysa Dalmida

You played by all the rules
As a "Good Christian" woman is thought to have
Was never perfect but always remembered to give back 
You cooked. You cleaned. 
You made teach home comfy and new
And still he sought no reason to marry you
When he was distraught 
Mind torn from stress and anxiety
You carried his cross without complaint 
Nor worry 
Stepped into the darkness 
So he could taste the light 
Was his sword and shield 
When he didn't want to fight
Spoke gently when he was scared 
Hurt, Aggressive in nature; untrue
Loved him with all your heart 
Although he tried to destroy you
Good times last as long as you submit
But when things don't go his way 
He's done. He wants to quit 
And how could LIFE give you a taste of Happy 
Then tear it down, without remorse 
Nor conviction?
The memory of being "high" in love 
With so much passion, singing Love songs in the kitchen 
And you can't sing about love
It's a wound that re-opens with each smile 
Don't cry 
Yet, the memory is piercing 
So cutthroat
Even hope for that future 
Makes you want to die 
You wore a crown of happy 
That glittered and sparkled all the hyped 
Happy to be wanted, loved and cared for 
You were his almost wife 
But, "almost" isn't real and death is no 
Soothing Companion thereof
And from your grave you now wear a Crown 
Of the Savage, Black Heart Love.
More powerful than before- 
And with my pain I will set the world 
On a new track and my enemies shall bow 
At my mercy. Selah.