The sea and me

Written by: STANLEY Harris

>The sea and me
By Stanley Russell Harris
Poetry soup honorable mentioned.
(The new mad author)

I like to be beside the sea.
Calm or rough a delight to see.
If calm, I’ll paddle in the sea.
But swimming, no you won’t find me.

I never really learnt to swim.
Was no sea where I was living.
There was no river nearby.
Nearest swimming pool, 5 miles away, I sigh.

The only water that covered me.
Was in the bath tub funnily.
And in the bath tub, you can’t swim.
The only tide mark I really did see.

Was the watermark in the bath, you see?
When I pulled out the plug just so.
Bath water out then did flow.
Back to the sea, you swim in you know.

But I do like to be, beside the sea.
Calm or rough a delight to see.
But swimming!
 No you won’t find me.

As that is Father Neptune’s home.
And he I do not wish to see.
Now this is the lot you’ll get from me.
Of what I call, my poetry!

The above poem was posted on the BBC news page. Today which as I have a memory thingy I thought was Tuesday. But then every day could be a Tuesday couldn't it ?<