My Garden

Written by: Lionel Derbyshire

My Garden
Lionel Derbyshire

My garden I want it to be best.
The rain will make it unforgettable.
Your memory in should last forever.
My garden should be a nice guy
Like the bosom of a lovely lass
I want to touch.
Sunflower formely seedĀ  ..
Oh sunflower yellow bright treat.
Eden I defy mine is choicer
Lillys peeled and spread in ringent white
Agapanthus devoir and set in blues of wonder.
Roses colour bloom and ready to jab
All along the daffodils waiting to thrill.
Crimson carnations no regrets of love lost
Just a new flame in me and passion wise.
Strelitzia magnificent in a kaleidoscope of five.
Hyacinth by and large how high will you grow ?
My garden a mix bouquet of anniversarys 
A showcase in celebration.
If my imagination behind these bars 
Let me touch themĀ  .. once i was free.
Free to wander
How wonderful my garden ..
Free to ponder.