The Nocturnal Queen

Written by: AFZAL NUSKER

She does not appear in the midst of the day. “She is the nocturnal queen,” they say. She is the one to light up the night sky with her luminous face on her throne so high. Her radiant complexion is like a silver pearl; braided with billion diamonds her hair in curls. Her corona is carved out of rainbow moonstone. Spectacular she looks in her own heavenly zone! “There is no equal to her beauty,” they say. Her fame and glory travels with her all the way. Beauty is not her only forte that she treasures. She is as powerful in many ways beyond measures. She can summon the creatures of the dark night, an army raised by her to battle for the right. She can pull the strings of the sea tides with her gravity when she boasts with pride. Some say, “She can even influence our emotions.” An unsolved mystery based on mere notions. She is quite an enigma between myth and truth! May it be irrational but some believe in both. She is a king's fascination, a poet's inspiration, a traveler's mascot in the dark, a lover's passion, a newborn's lullaby and a child's bedtime story. She triggers our imagination, she sets in our memory. It's the spellbinding mystique which surrounds her that lures the attention of everyone around her. Her true admirers eagerly wait for a whole long day to catch a glimpse of her beauty, to be blown away. They all know she is far out of their reach. Yet they want to serve her, they humbly beseech. She is generous enough to show them her affection with a caress of her light; with her reflection. But be warned by her enchanting beauteous face! You may go crazy in love with her captivating gaze. Countless men have been moonstruck by her. If you don't believe me then go ahead and try her.
Date : 08/12/2016