Struck By You

Written by: Christian Fuller

Every time I hear the thunder
I sit back relax and wonder
What my life would be like 
If I hadn't been struck by you
Would I still breathe
Would I still eat 
Would I give up and accept defeat
My life changed the day
You were thrown at my feet
When we met you saved my life
No one else could of lifted me so high
Once I was lost
But when we met I was found
Watch as this merry goes round
My heart beats for you
I blink eat and drink for you
I'll fulfill my dreams for you
Won't accept defeat
For you I owe it all
Because with you I know I can't fall
The days start to go by
And between you and I
Things are perfect
Life without you
Wouldn't be worth it
Every time we touch
Every time I look in your eyes
Sparks fly
And I feel so damn alive
Oh watch as time flies by
You electrocute me 
Stab and shoot me
Every time you make me say
Now the days come and go
And together we are growing old
My death will come the day that you die
Your the sight of my eyes
Without you I'm blind 
But when time takes its toll
We will both  take a stroll
In the end
In the end
I love you my friend
Until the end