The Horror

Written by: Suraj Grover

Holed up in a corner, with a paper and pen,
under the moon light, crisp and bright,
tearing each page with words only ten,
with not many ideas nearby in sight.
Someone near me begins to nag,
who finds my writing bit of a slag,
thus we started talking about stuff,
with shadows mimicking our bodily huff.
The silent atmosphere and eerie darkness,
with her distant voice my heart raced,
no i didn't move from my place at all,
i thought she was sitting behind the other wall.
but soon she began to sob a little,
and shared her surreal experiences with me,
and i got so much indulged in her emotional pain,
that attention to anything else was in total vain.
The raindrops were then graced by the ground,
and the breeze left its impression with its sound,
I hushed inside the protective shade,
and waited for her to rise up instead,
Soon i realized her weird absence, 
as i thought she might be drenching in heavy rain,
and so i ran up to the boundary to ask,
"why you want to get wet in this time of ur pain?"
To my shock when i saw around,
a deceased corpse in the corner of mound,
barely recognizable a girl or boy,
was broken into pieces like a toy,
i ran and ran till my legs gave up,
with every nerve of my body shaking,
What was the shadow lurking there? 
and talking to me without a care,
a hand tap on my shoulder from behind,
with the same voiced giggle that spiked my hairline,
i needless to say what happened after that,
as i shivered and quivered, not to turn back.
The rest of it I dont remember as much,
but me and her are inseparable from then as such,
And we create a bigger circle with a new friend if near,
because the horror is always the image of your fear.