Soul Consciousness

Written by: Robert Candler

Is my soul conscious at this time? 
Perhaps, if my conscience is my soul; 
For one surely needs a conscience
If any higher state is the goal.

For, after all, there are ‘rules’,
My actions are my responsibility.
So say others who also believe:
Comply or suffer a penalty.

While I am I, the me I know,
My conscience is my guide;
And, should I lose this earthly form,
With peace of mind I will have died.

This peace of mind is cleansing,
Allows one’s soul to start anew.
Where or when… would I know?
Still, I believe this to be true.  

Life and death, that is ‘the way’.
The circle of life never ends.
What Mother Nature rends asunder,
She will take the time to mend.

And so it is with the opportunity of life.
Each man and woman has been blessed.
Mistakes in judgment will be made,
But the conscience is the test.

One can hardly mend a soul
If one’s error is not recognized. 
Conscience is no ‘doorway’ to the soul;
Rather, conscience is its eyes.

Life’s design is not random or evolved,
Most certainly, there is a creator,
Who made the ‘big bang’ happen,
Decided if it would be sooner or later.

Then, in the Creator’s grand design,
Man’s conscience, born of reason, ruled his ways.
And it is for this simple difference from the beasts,
Man should offer naught but praise.

So….yes, my soul is conscious,
Conscious of my conscience every day.