Weathering The Storm

Written by: Mark Woods

A storm is brewing, dark clouds advancing in
While tears roll down an embattled face
Betraying the tortured scars within
Each tear falls entwined in rains embrace.

He knows the hardships aren’t over
Soon colour will drown out scorched dust
Time must elapse before forage and clover
Further rain to beat this drought is a must.

Unloading his animals when he ran out of feed
There’s a cost to sell, when no one can buy
When the drought breaks, once more stock he will need
Irony demands growth will push prices up high.

Financial pressure has taken its toll
Each day of sun filled completely with gloom
No income, while a mortgage eats at his soul
Years of recovery on the horizon do loom.

Exploding emotions as rain touches the dirt
A passerby might see something awry
A storm slowly starting, and a man that seems hurt
Kneeling bent on the ground, he's broken in cries.

18th April 2015

A Storm Is Brewing Contest
Sponsor - Kelly Deschler