The Body Shame Game

Written by: Eileen Manassian

they body shame
they spew hate posts dipped
in virulent venom
vehemence for the voluptuous
crazy mad about the curves
mocking the well stocked
where do they get all the hate
they manufacture it
burning off calories
they work themselves into
hate hysteria
zero sized is no prize
what makes thin, in?

Beauty goes through phases
women through their crazes
must fit the body type
that's the hype
fashion famished 
emaciated models
thigh gap miles wide
poking bones they can't hide
unhealthy unwell
they send the fat ones to hell

big booty bullies
think they'll get away
with what they write
with what they say
they have no shame
lame...they're so lame!!

haters will hate
to give a damn?
it's too late!

Beauty isn't a size
it's in what you see with your eyes
the beauty within
is not limited
to fat or to thin

it's the size of your heart
so shut up and get smart
Listen to this big girl
Take a bow, take a twirl
Sexy unbound to size

Be Body Beauty Brave
Silence the Shamers
Give them a smile
knowing what you do
about BARE truth:
Better to have thick thighs
than thick sick minds....

Eileen Manassian

I follow Tess Holliday on Instagram and Facebook. I love that woman. It really angers me what haters write to her. Her message is simple: Big woman have the right to feel beautiful too. Plain and simple. Haters...move on!