The Circle

Written by: Michael Hawk Moore

As a child for long whiles I watched mother and tried to mutter,
Learning her nurturing ways, seeing other kids with fathers.
As a kid I watched those same kids play, waited to be asked one day.
In my teens, fast cars dates at the movies, I thrived on my dreams,
Of Vietnam battles, playing on the Dodger’s baseball teams,
But I watch some friends march away, saw some in stripes behind a gate.
Hooray graduation day, fathers and mothers, kids looking to their future,
All I could wish for was a warm place to stay,
Wondering what comes after today under newspaper covers.
Weddings were wonderful I loved each wife in different ways,
But after that day never did either one of us ever promise forever.
Now I wheeze through painful winters, the chills of the cold sends pain through my soul,
I watch grandchildren play, hoping for their happy lives and that I never pass away.
But now I draw family members close to me for wisdom I hope they remember,
Then ask for a blanket for the cold shoulders of the old.