the Christmas list revelation

Written by: Marty King

you tell me to make a Christmas list
i am sitting here trying to think with pen and pad in hand
i can only think of one entry, so i put said pen and pad back in the drawer
i sit on the sofa next to you and plant tickle kisses on the nape of your neck
you ask me for my Christmas list
i reply by telling you one was not necessary 
you then ask me why and do i want anything at all for Christmas
i take your soft, warm hands in mine and look into your carolina pine brown eyes 
i then tell you that i already have my Falling Star Angel Wish
your eyes begin to water steadily and then i feel your body shake as you ask me what the wish is
i simply say 'YOU'
you simply reply 'I YOU TOO'
we hold each other until our emotions become our bedtime story