Who Killed JonBenet

Written by: Keith Trestrail

      Who killed little JonBenet?
And who placed her where she lay?

   "Don't accuse poor poor me,
    I'm not a monster" said Patsy.
 But now that mother and child are gone
 questions remain about Patsy and John!
   The cops suspect who and why 
   this beautiful little girl had to die!
"O what must you think of me?
   I didn't kill her" said Patsy.

   "Please! Please! believe me,
    how could I do it" said Patsy.
"She was my sweet darling little girl,
 a beauty queen to dance and twirl.
    Her short life I could not save
    and now she lies in her grave.
 No, it wasn't me, it wasn't me,
    I didn't kill her" said Patsy.

   "This can't be, it wasn't me,
    and I'm sticking to my story!
  No, I won't confess and do the time,
  I did not commit this heinous crime.
    I didn't write the ransom note
    that a killer's hand coldly wrote.
  I wouldn't do it, it wasn't me,
    I didn't kill her" said Patsy.

   "No stranger did this to me"
    would say JonBenet Ramsey.
 She was kissed goodnight and put to bed
 then taken in the night and left for dead!
    Was it the mother to JonBenet  
    who gave her life and took it away?
 Or does a grim tale of murder lurk
    alas in John or brother, Burke?

         28 November 2015