Santa Snickers-Nonsense Alley V

Written by: Kimberly Shaw

Merry Wulfman!
Santa Snickers
Jingle Jugs, and
Rudolph's knickers

Happy Crackers
Mistle twits
Porky pudding

Frosty gnomes
Disgusting tarts
Home Sweet Cheeks
and Uncle Farts

Happy New Tweets
Merry Tickles
Santa Jack says,
Pass the pickles....

5.  Turkey, cake
      & Mull Cider
      Pumpkin pie
      So open wider                (By Edlynn Nau)

6.  Got indigestion
      I feel ill...
      too much turkey
      I need a pill!                    (By Jan Allison)  

7.  Chocolate truffles
      a fork or spoon
      my tummy's swelling
      I must stop soon            (By Tim Smith)

8.   Hard rock candy
       breaks my teeth
       Someone help me
       Pwetty Pweeth!             (By John Wulf)

Please keep adding verses my Happy Soupers!