Cupcake Conundrum

Written by: Mark Woods

Clanging and bashing 
The kitchen's in use
Daughters craving treats 
Allowed on the loose.

Flour, sugar, butter
All over the floor
Dusting the ceiling
Spread thru the drawers.

Seeking seclusion
Mum heads to the mall
Dad's not so enthused
He’s taken the fall!

Vanilla smells waft
Blitzed cake mix atoll
Now one eggs rotten
Phew! Missed the whole bowl.

Mixing all finished
Into the oven
Fast rising ignited
By the witch coven.

Ginormous cupcakes
Rest plump on the bench
Waiting so silent
For icing frost drench.

Now bizarre colours
Created in leagues
Designs are invented
Intending intrigue.

Red nose drawn upon
Superfluous clowns
Green, orange, purple
Even some browns.

Goblins and gremlins
Haggard old fairies
Wombles and warlocks
Yellow canaries.

Dad for his patience
Gets the first taste
His fluttering eyes
Say he wasn’t quite braced!

Smiling so sweetly
He says they taste nice. 
When truly he wants
Some hard drink on ice!

Cupcakes were vital
Baking so easy
Except for the clean
Now the kids feel quite queasy.