My Gift from Heaven

Written by: eric boddie

“My Gift from Heaven” 
by:  Eric L. Boddie

On my quest for love 
I asked God to be my guide 
And He led me to you 
So only death could keep me from your side 

You see, no matter what I’m doing 
The simple thought of you 
I don’t know how it does it 
But it always breaks through 

And it is always the same 
I’m surrounded by fruits and vegetables 
And in the distance you appear 
Suspended upon a pedestal 

Just as Adam was alone in the Garden 
And his rib, God did take 
But in return, He gave to Adam 
The gift of Heaven, a soul mate 

And just as He gave Eve to Adam 
You are His gift to me 
You are the light that brightens my soul 
For you are the most beauty my eyes can see