Written by: Nola Perez

At the local Walmart (some of us shop there)
a young woman was standing at the self-checkout 
with a huge cart of groceries, sobbing her eyes
out.  The store was crowded.  No one
paid her any attention.  I was passing on 
my way out of the store, and I stopped. 
She was distraught, her credit card, denied.  
I asked how much -- happened to have cash 
to pay her tab.  She said, "You don't have to do that,"
and I said, " Oh Yes, I do."  A Walmart employee
pitched in the few pennies I lacked, and I 
left the store, marveling at the line of folks 
that saw distress, and looked away.

Walmart, again, for a few purchases,
When it was time to pay, my wallet was left 
on the seat of the car--a sometimes occurrence 
in the absent-minded years. I asked the checker 
to put my cart aside while I went to retrieve it.

She replied, "He wants to pay for you."  
Turning around, "I faced a forty-something
behind me, and I said in astonishment, 
"You don't have to do this."  He, unsmiling,
serious-faced: "I know I don't have to do 
this."  "Hug!" I said, and put my arms 
around him."You will get this back in spades, 
you know.  It's called Karma."  
"Pay it forward..." he replied.

Random acts of kindness:  Jesus
at the Walmart."