Maudlin Mary

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Modeled by the     skilled and clumsy hands
of artists and artisans into an ideal state of she-ness,
a penniless waif appears      on a stool

last week a stranger called her Mona Lisa. 

Statuesque upon the betrayer
warmed by the lemon-lolly light from
bays of north facing windows, blinded;
she can but blink.

Surrounded by a 
cog-notched cyclical wheel of nubile artists—
blooming buds of wildness, vertical sprigs
flail softly on the breezy bounty of 

Brush and trowel, thick and thin,
the artists stoke her—semblance
canvased by millennium brush biters
maudlin Mary is returned to the pre-historic stew 
by the likes of Claude     
polished to a pearly perfection
by type A, Hieronymus’.

They were all strangers to her     posers, 
every bit as much as she.
Royal pretenders in a world 
where only the artless 

are paid. 

Moneylenders rise on their     discarded carapaces
beauty sucked dry by the doers and shakers
who spread like choking bittersweet    through
the lollypop-light from the bay windows facing north
consuming Mona.  

Julie ford Oliver - Famous Models 

First Appeared in Illumen Magazine Fall of 2014