Flag of My Fathers

Written by: Keith Trestrail

red is the red rum 
and blood of the Amazon...
the Scarlet Ibis

black is the black gold
and dark days of soul and slave...
the pitch in the lake

white is cane sugar
and bones and ghosts of Empire...
flag of my fathers

For the Haiku - Senyru 
or 3 line verse flag contest.

Trinidad Flag Colours:  
 Red - White - Black.

Note: Trinidad is famous for its red rum among other things.
         It is the home of steelband, calypso, limbo, Angostura Bitters,
         the Pitch Lake, and of course Carnival. Like most islands
         in the Caribbean it has a spectacular natural beauty and
         is often referred to as the land of the hummingbird.
         The Scarlet Ibis is the national bird of Trinidad.
         Black Gold is oil and natural gas - our largest export.
         The Arawak and Carib tribes of the Amazon were 
         the original inhabitants.
        "Empire" refers to the British Empire and its slave trade used
         to plant, harvest and mill the valuable cane sugar.
         Trinidad gained independence in 1962.

       July 2015